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Dell vs HP vs Lenovo: Which Laptop Brand Is Best?


Are you struggling to choose which laptop brand you should buy today?

Dell, HP, and Lenovo are three of the biggest laptop brands of 2020 below Apple. These brands all have their ups and downs, from design to customer service.

To make sure you find the right laptop, here’s a guide comparing the three big laptop brands. Read on to know more about Dell vs HP vs Lenovo.

Brief Company Profile

Before diving into the different brands, let’s learn a little about them. Let’s learn their history to judge the best laptop brand between Dell vs HP vs Lenovo. Here’s a brief profile on each brand:


Dell Inc is a global company that designs and produces personal computers and laptops. It’s a US company headquartered in Round Rock, Texas. Dell is now one of the largest tech providers in the world.

It all started in 1984 by an American named Michael Dell. Dell got privatized in 2013, and they employ over 100,000 people all around the globe. Dell is often known for its direct sales approach and build-to-order manufacturing.

They produce desktops, cameras, printers, software, and other hardware. As of late, Dell got recognition from Ethisphere and Human Rights Campaign Foundation. Their awards include being one of the world’s most ethical companies and best places to work.


The Hewlett-Packard company is one of the original tech giants dating back to 1939. Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard founded this American Company in Palo Alto, California. Their first product was the audio oscillator, and Walt Disney was one of their first customers.

HP became the world’s leading personal computer manufacturer in 2007 and maintained their title until 2013. It became a back and forth between HP and Lenovo as the leading laptop brand. HP Enterprise has a lot of recognition for their designs for their recent laptop lines.

HP is the winner of the 2020 iF Design Award with 12 awards, including the gold award. It also has awards for being one of the most ethical and sustainable companies. They also ranked 1st for America’s most responsible companies and the diversity leader award.


As with Dell and HP, Lenovo also offers desktops, laptops, and other hardware. Lenovo is a Chinese company incorporated in Hong Kong with its global headquarters located in Beijing, China. Lenovo was first named as “Legend” and founded by Liu Chuanzhi in 1984.

Lenovo has stayed as one of the world’s largest pc manufacturers since 2013. In 2019, Lenovo got recognized by IR magazine awards and China New Fortune. They won as the best IR website, excellent in investor relations, and best IR of HK-listed company.

If you want to learn more about their products and profile, consider visiting lenovo.com for more.

Laptop Components

All laptops have input and output components that bring out the best of the machine. Here are some details on some important components of each brand that you need to take note of:


Dell produces many kinds of laptops aimed at all the corners of the market. They make use using different processors such as AMD and Intel. Dual-core processors go into lower-priced laptops.

The quad-core processors are often fitted in higher spec machines and gaming laptops. Dell laptops come in different sizes for screen sizes, from 11-inch to 17-inch screens. 11-inch screens are for budget models, while 17-inch screens are for gaming laptops.

The bigger the screen, the more picture quality and HD resolution you get. When it comes to graphics, Dell uses both AMD Radeon and NVIDIA graphics processors. These graphics processors are industry standard and hold a great track record.

One thing that Dell can change is battery life since most of their laptops only contain 3-cell batteries. Most laptops now go for 4-cell to 6-cell batteries to last for more hours.


HP laptops use plenty of various processors, often from Intel. An i5 processor works for most users, while i7 processors are for gaming laptops. For graphics, HP laptops come with either AMD Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce GPU.

If you want a more portable laptop, go for the 12 to 13-inch screens. HP laptop screens can go as wide as 17 inches. Most HP laptops have 4-cell to 6-cell lithium-ion batteries. The heavier the hardware or your laptop, the more battery the laptop will drain.

However, most HP laptops can last for 5 hours to 13 hours. Later versions and gaming laptops of HP now make use of 6-cell batteries.


Lenovo favors Intel processors for most of their laptops. However, a few laptops, such as Flex 11 Chromebook, uses MediaTek processors. Like the other two brands, Lenovo also makes use of dual-core and quad-core processors.

For graphics, Lenovo sticks to Intel and uses a range of HD graphics processors. This includes GeForce processors, known for their high performance, that they use in gaming laptops. Lenovo also has a variety of screen sizes.

However, they lack high-resolution screens compared to other laptops with similar prices. One advantage of Lenovo is the wide range of laptops with touchscreen capabilities. The battery life of Lenovo laptops is identical to HP laptops, lasting from 5 to 10 hours.

Laptop Build and Design

Can the laptop survive scratches and minor damages? Are you looking for pleasing aesthetics on your laptops? Here are some major differences between the three:


Dell laptops are well-made, durable, and functional rather than pleasing to the eyes. They don’t offer shiny metal cases or slim laptops. They’re the most conservative in appearance compared to HP and Lenovo.

Dell can offer a vast library of different creative splashes of color. Recent laptops of Dell have changes in the drawing board. Some examples include the XPS line and Alienware gaming laptops.


HP has a variation of colors and designs. The HP Spectre x360 is one of the examples that offer an attractive and stylish design. You can choose from the golden accent aluminum, ash gray, or blue Poseidon look.

Other pleasing models include zBook or HP Chromebook x2. One issue with some designs of HP laptops is that they can be a bit bulky. However, their bulky look can prove to be more durable than Dell and Lenovo laptops.


The range of Lenovo laptops come in slim and stylish designs that are pleasing to the eye. One of their most stunningly built laptops is their Lenovo Yoga line. Another popular design is the ThinkPad for the business and entertainment sector.

The Ideapad is also lightweight, attractive, and portable. One disadvantage of Lenovo is its lack of color options. Most laptops only come in black or silver finishes.

Laptop Pricing

All pricing between the three brands all differ and offer different functionalities. Below are some average prices of the brands and what they can provide you with:


Dell sells its products through authorized dealers rather than at third-party stores. This makes their products a bit cheaper than HP and Lenovo. Dell laptops can cost from $200 to their most expensive laptop costing $4,705.


HP laptops come in various prices and models for basic, gaming, 2-in-1, and business laptops. A tight budget can get you a Pavilion x360 or HP Stream for only $200. If you have a bigger budget, you can go for gaming laptops with better graphics and storage retail for $2,000.


Lenovo laptops have similar prices to HP laptops. Lenovo laptops suit all budgets and can go as low as $100 for entry-level laptops. However, Lenovo gaming laptops are more pricey and can cost almost $2,500.

Customer Service and Reliability

Laptop manufacturers should be able to fix your laptop issues quickly and efficiently. Can they support you and answer your questions without any problems? Do they offer fast and reliable services?

Here are our reviews for their customer support and services:


Dell’s technical support is legendary and a well-established tech company. They offer plenty of tech support resources such as a hotline, social media support, and live chat. The Dell website has a good selection of articles that answer the common problems met by users.

If you prefer to talk over the phone, the Dell technical support hotline is available. The service is efficient, and you get a personal assistant who will walk you through your problem. You can also give them remote access to your machine if you need further help.


HP needs a little more work when it comes to their customer service. If you contact the HP customer service hotline, it can take a while before someone attends the call. This can be a problem, especially when it’s an urgent matter.

HP’s social media platforms and online chat services are more encouraging. They have a community page where you can connect with other customers with the same issues. Some issues also have answers provided by other users or the HP team.


It’s easy to get in touch with Lenovo through their phone line, social media, and website. When it comes to their phone line and website, you have to wait a few minutes to hours to answer your issue. Their social media is also a bit slow, causing long waits before receiving assistance.

Dell vs HP vs Lenovo

Now that you know the differences between Dell vs HP vs Lenovo, which one is the best laptop brand? It all comes down to your preference and budget for your laptop. Choose one and get the best laptop today!

Looking for the best laptops that each brand has to offer? Check out our guides to learn which is the best of the best now!

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