Composable Business

Important Things to Know About a Composable Business


Nowadays, running a successful business has never been easier thanks to technology. It’s easy to connect with clients on different digital channels, including Emails, websites, and mobile phones. Also, technology makes it easy to offer personalized services and enhanced customer experience. An example is composability; a technology enabling companies to adapt to changing business needs.

What is Composability?

Composability is a common phrase in the digital business world. It refers to the technology and processes that enable a company to innovate and adapt to changing business needs quickly. A composable business is compared to Lego blocks that you can shuffle and rearrange when necessary.

It’s an excellent way of enabling businesses to break down large and outdated applications into small components that are easy to manage. Disassembling different parts makes it easy for a business to withstand market fluctuation.  Why are the smaller bits useful? The tiny pieces of a composable business translate to innovation in the long run. The trick lies in the small bits; this is because they are less dependent on technology and are connected with APIs.

Ha do I need to know about compasable businesses?

1. A composable business believes in change.

A composable business welcomes the idea that everything is composable. This type of thinking makes it easy to meet the changing customer needs and function efficiently. The model encourages information shaving within and outside the company. This then helps improve knowledge, productivity, and training to improve customer experience.

2. A composable businesses are highly flexible 

Composability is all about flexibility and agility. Composable buineses encourage reusability, connectivity, and transparency across the entire company. The best bit about this is that there are multiple technologies that you can employ in your business. Also, you can incorporate no-code platforms such as Quixy, data mesh, and traditional BI/advanced analytics.

3. The business architecture makes it easy to implement change.

Most people think that composable business architecture is a replacement to your existing business. This isn’t the case, though! It’s a platform that aids you in identifying and implementing the necessary modifications required to boost the benefits of digitalization. You can execute the changes to enhance the customer experience and make more informed decisions.

4. It’s not a business model. 

A composable business is not a business model but a tool that aids companies to assist businesses in supporting digital acceleration. Also, it enables the formation of organizations but isn’t an organization itself. You can incorporate different technologies to enhance adaptability with this type of business.

5. A composable business combines different elements.

A compassable business consists of different elements. These include;

  • Modularity that enables greater agility
  • Discovery that allows for faster speed;
  • Orchestration that helps strengthen leadership roles
  • Autonomy that translates to resiliency

Final thoughts

A composable business model functions on different principles: discovery, modularity, orchestration, and autonomy. It works as a cracked business featuring different components. It also allows for greater innovation. If you’re seeking to build a composable business, engage an experienced managed service provider. Also, ensure that the company has all the necessary software and equipment to offer superior services.

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