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A Guide to Effective SEO Project Management Using Online Sticky Notes


There are many challenges to running an effective SEO project. The most important of which is that you need to be able to keep track of everything. It’s easy for things to slip through the cracks if you’re not having a central location where your team can access all relevant information.

That’s why we’ve created this guide on how to use digital sticky notes in order to achieve effective SEO project management for your company.

What Are Online Sticky Notes?

Online sticky notes are a digital way of keeping track of tasks, ideas, and other bits of information. They work in a very similar way to physical sticky notes, except that they’re digital and can be accessed from anywhere, which means you can always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips.

They’re easy to use and can be used by anyone on your team no matter their location, which makes them perfect for streamlining the process of running an efficient SEO campaign. There are many tools out there that will allow you to create online sticky notes, but we recommend using Miro because it allows you to manage projects while also keeping track of deadlines in one place.

Let’s take a look at how to best utilize this tool if you want effective SEO project management today.

What Can You Track With Online Sticky Notes?

There are so many different things that you need to keep track of when managing an SEO campaign. However, not everything is relevant to everyone on your team. That’s why you should only use the features that are important to each person in order for things not to get lost along the way.

Here are some of the best notes that you can create using digital sticky notes:

  • – Keyword Lists
  • – Keyword Research (Read: Complete Guide to Find the Best Keywords)
  • – Link Building Opportunities and Plans
  • – Guest Posting Projects and Ideas and Schedules
  • – On-Page SEO Checklists (One for each page on your website)
  • – Competitor Research
  • – Website Changes (for when you’re A/B testing or making big changes)
  • – Email Templates
  • – Meeting Notes

How to Use Online Sticky Notes for SEO Project Management?

Now that you know what online sticky notes can do, it’s time to learn how to use them in order to achieve effective SEO project management. Here are the steps you need to take:

Step One: Set Up Your Sticky Notes Account

The first step is to set up an account with the digital sticky notes website, whichever you choose. This will allow you to create digital sticky notes and projects that will help keep your SEO campaign organized. You can sign up for a free account or choose one of the paid plans depending on your needs.

Some online sticky notes such as Miro ask a few questions such as your company name, the kind of work you do, and whether or not you want to use the sticky notes for work. In order to obtain the best customization, make sure you answer these questions correctly.

Step Two: Create a Shared Board

Once your account is set up, you’ll want to create a board that is accessible to everyone on your team. This will be the central location for all of your notes and allow everyone to access them easily. You can name this board whatever you’d like, but we recommend something such as “SEO Project Management”.

Step Three: Start Adding Notes.

Now it’s time to start adding notes. You can create a note for anything that you need to remember or track during your SEO project. This could be anything from ideas, tasks, deadlines, and more. If you’re working with a team, make sure to add each person’s name as a collaborator so they can easily access and update the notes on the board.

Step Four: Assign a Teammate to Each Note

Next, it’s time to assign someone else on your team as a collaborator for each sticky note that you create. If this is your first time using Miro then simply click “Share” and type in their name or email address so they can access the project.

However, if you already have at least one other project set up then click on any of them to see a list of your current collaborators. From here you can select which note they should be assigned to and when they are supposed to complete their tasks. This will help keep everyone accountable for meeting deadlines in order for effective SEO project management.

Step Five: Share Your Project with Others.

Once you have your online sticky notes all set up, it’s time to share everything with the rest of your team in order for them to start working on their tasks as well. This step is going to depend a little bit more on whether or not this is your first time using digital sticky notes or if you have a few already set up.

If you have a few projects set up already, then simply click on the “Share” button in the top right corner of your screen. This will give you a list of different ways that you can share your project with others such as copying the link or sending it through email.

Now everyone on your team can start working together towards effective SEO project management.

Step Six: Keep Track of Your Teammates’ Work

Once your team members have started working on their tasks, you’re going to want to keep track of everything that they do. You can easily look back whenever necessary in order to see what’s been completed and what still needs more work done so the project is always moving forward.

To look at the progress of your sticky notes, click on any one of them and it will open up a new window containing all of the information that’s been recorded so far. This includes not only who is assigned to which note but what type of work they’ve completed with links back to their original sources as well.

With this, you will always be able to keep track of the progress that your team is making towards better SEO project management.

Get Organized With Online Sticky Notes Today

There are a number of benefits that come with using an online sticky note system such as this one. This can help keep everyone on your team accountable for their work and give you the tools necessary to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

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