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How A Clock In And Out App Can Improve Payroll Security


For anyone running a business, security is a paramount concern. When it comes to protecting employee data and ensuring that everything works like it should, using outdated methods can make security very challenging.

In particular, keeping track of your employee’s wages, attendance, and productivity and guaranteeing data accuracy is nearly impossible. Payroll security, in particular, is challenging if you’re using manual team time tracking methods, and you could be wasting large amounts of time and money trying to make sure everything is correct.

Luckily, there are plenty of modern time clock solutions that can help you stay on track. A clock in and out app offers several features and benefits that protect payroll data, ensure accuracy and make reporting a snap so that you don’t have to worry about the payroll process. Employees and managers can focus on their jobs and not making sure everyone gets paid properly.

Unique Employee IDs

Typically when an employee clocks in using a time card, there is little to no way to make sure that the person earning time on the job clock is the person who is there working. This means that buddy punching is easy, and stealing hours is relatively simple. Even with constant oversight, there was no real way to verify that the person who claimed to be working was there the entire time they reported.

With a clock in and out app, each employee ID is unique, meaning that stealing time is virtually impossible and clocking in for another employee cannot happen. Therefore, when it comes time for payroll to be calculated, businesses and employees can be sure they are paid precisely for their worked hours and nothing else. Fraud prevention helps businesses, but it inadvertently helps the employees because they have to deal with fewer hurdles when it comes time to send their data to payroll.

Automated Calculations

One of the biggest problems with traditional payroll calculations is that they are prone to errors. Mistakes are highly likely when employees are in charge of their timesheet management because they often record their hours from memory. They may forget clock in times and use estimates, fail to take breaks, or neglect to correctly count overtime that would otherwise have resulted in them getting paid more.

However, with a clock in and out app, all the calculations are performed automatically so that employees and managers don’t have to do any work and the potential for human errors is nearly zero. This ensures that each employee’s pay is as accurate as possible and prevents disputes over compensation, potential labor law violations, and problems with time off versus time worked and overtime.

Additionally, every calculation is done down to the minute, and timesheets can only be altered with a manager’s approval. Even authorized changes are logged and kept on record. Hence, there is no way for timesheets to be tampered with.

Payroll Integrations Eliminate Messy Paperwork

Another problem with payroll security is that processing timesheets can be time-consuming and still prone to errors. Even if the timesheets are correct when they reach the payroll department, manual data entry can lead to mistakes and delay employees getting their paychecks. This can lead to lower employee morale and even conflict over unpaid wages.

An online timecard system can eliminate all of these issues with the proper payroll integrations. With these additional features, it is possible to transfer employee hour and wage data directly to payroll for immediate processing, thus eliminating costly data entry errors and drastically speeding up the time and accuracy of payroll processing so that employees are paid faster, more accurately, and securely.

If your business is struggling with processing payroll, then a clock in and out app may be the perfect solution.

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