What is an SEO Reseller?


When existing clients of your digital marketing agency ask for the best SEO services, you will agree simply because you want to do business and maintain their loyalty. You would accept SEO projects even though you lack expertise. However, several months later, you start struggling to get quality backlinks and traffic. This, in turn, disappoints your clients, and your team will get frustrated to work on something they haven’t specialized in.

Nowadays, most SEO firms offer SEO services without having any idea how it works. Fortunately, there is a good solution for that – SEO resellers.

What SEO Reseller Is

SEO resellers are agencies that provide SEO services by depending on other white-label companies. SEO reseller programs work with two parties. These include an outsourced SEO provider and an agency offering SEO services.

For a white label company to work, they depend on other digital agencies that specialize in reselling SEO services as theirs.

Why SEO Reselling

SEO reselling provides many benefits to digital agency owners. It is a great way for digital agency owners to grow their companies and boost profits. There are also other benefits of SEO reselling, like:

  • Saving the costs of building a marketing team
  • Quality service
  • Additional revenue from the existing clients
  • Adding new service offerings

Forms of SEO Reseller Programs

In the realm of a white-label SEO reseller program, there are different forms of SEO reselling services that might be included. For instance, you can be reselling private label or SEO services, such as keyword research and SEO audits.

An SEO reseller may as well make use of important SEO services, such as keyword research. As you already know, much of the SEO success of your clients depends on which phrases and keywords they target. To know what you should target, do comprehensive keyword research.

If you are dealing with new clients, among the most crucial services to offer is SEO audit. This examines websites’ offsite elements and design features that are important to technical SEO and on-site SEO. For instance, do the clients have their page descriptions and titles optimized for search engines? Doing an SEO audit will explain the starting point and guide you on the next step.

What to Consider When Choosing SEO Resellers

When choosing the best SEO reseller, looking at various factors, like experience/expertise and communication, would be important.

Partnering with SEO resellers with expertise and prior experience in your niche is important. Well-versed SEO resellers can better understand the unique challenges of your clients and provide tailored solutions that only deliver results.

When choosing a reseller, you must also keep communication transparent. Both you and the reseller should know the expectations as well as the capability of delivering results in record time. The reseller you choose must set reasonable deadlines and inform you about the progress.

The Bottom Line

SEO is important when it comes to generating sales, driving organic traffic, and increasing conversions. For a digital agency that provides SEO services, working with the best SEO reseller is a perfect way of increasing profits and expanding their reach.

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