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Will Using Bots Get You Banned from Poshmark?


If you ever want to start a heated argument among Poshmark sellers, just ask a simple question: will using bots get you banned? The answer to this question is one of the most hotly debated topics in the Poshmark universe. Just reading a post about it can get people riled up.

For the record, a Poshmark bot is a piece of software that automates self-shares and sharing to parties. It saves a ton of time and takes most of the hassle out of one of Poshmark’s most tedious tasks. But again, will the Poshmark bot get you banned?

Why It Matters

If you think the answer to the bot question doesn’t matter, think again. It matters a lot, for multiple reasons. Here are just three of them:

1. Bots Are Automated

A bot of any type is intended to introduce automation to the particular task it targets. For example, website owners employ chatbots to automatically engage with customers and answer their most frequently asked questions. Automation provides a level of customer service that doesn’t require extra human effort.

The Poshmark bot brings automation to the process of sharing. Bot users have an advantage in that they can share thousands of listings per day with very little effort. On the other hand, manual sharing can take hours.

2. Technically Not Allowed

Poshy VA says that the Poshmark bot is technically not allowed under Poshmark’s terms of service (TOS). That also means you could technically be banned if you are caught using one. But practically speaking, there is nothing to worry about.

Poshmark is very aware that sellers use bots. That’s okay with them because shares equal sales. Every sale equals more money in their bank account. So unless sellers are using bots in ways that violate other points of the TOS, Poshmark is likely to look the other way.

3. The Most Successful Sellers Use Them

Finally, the Poshmark bot question matters for the simple fact that the most successful sellers use bots. There is no other way to achieve thousands of shares per day when you have a closet of five hundred or more items. A human team cannot possibly share that much without it costing a fortune.

The bottom line is this: bots have become a necessary competitive tool. In a perfect world, every Poshmark seller would do things manually. Larger sellers wouldn’t try to leverage their resources to beat down the competition. But the world is not perfect.

Poshmark’s biggest sellers didn’t get to the top by failing to compete. They took every competitive opportunity they got and made the most of it. They stay on top by continuing that practice. If smaller sellers want to compete, they have to do so on the same field.

Knowing How to Do It Right

The key to using the Poshmark bot without getting banned is knowing how to do it right. This is one area in which Poshmark virtual assistants have the advantage. They make it their business to know how to maximize shares without upsetting Poshmark’s rule makers. They know how to effectively share thousands of times per day without landing a client in share jail.

Will using bots get you banned from Poshmark? According to the TOS, it is technically possible. But it is practically unlikely due to the way Poshmark does business. As long as you know how to use a Poshmark bot the right way, you have nothing to worry about. If you are on Poshmark and don’t know how to use the bot, you might be better off hiring a virtual assistant.

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