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You want computer help, preferably free help. You have come to the right place. Here you will find computer answers, information, videos, tutorials and more. In text, video and audio format.

Perhaps you can identify with one or more of these common situations?

  • Your Windows XP computer used to run like a NASCAR winner. Now it's a soapbox derby loser.
  • A son or daughter goes off to college with a brand new laptop. It barely boots upon return. Help!
  • You have a sneaking suspicion that the neighbor is looking through the files on your computer using your wireless network.
  • Windows XP just froze up again. How much data did you lose this time? Is there a way to get it back?
  • All this hype about Windows Vista. What is it and do I need to upgrade?
Frustrated User Needing Computer Help 
Blue Screen Of Death Needs Computer Help 

This doesn't have to be you...

There is hope, and you have found it! The Free Computer Consultant gives you the answers you need, based upon hard-learned experience accumulated from years of solving these and other computer problems for hundreds of clients. This website contains free computer help, Windows fixes, tips to make your computer more user friendly, free utilities for common computer tasks, computer security help and information, tutorials, videos and more!

What's The Catch?

There is no catch. I just want to make the computer answers, help, tips and tutorials that I have accumulated available to more computer users; and the internet is the way to do that. It's the next best thing to cloning myself (without having another mouth to feed!)

You won't find product pitches here, disguised as reviews. I just tell you what to do to fix a problem -- if I use a product, it's because I love it and it works for my clients. If you don't want to fix it yourself, you'll know enough to talk intelligently with a local (non-free) computer consultant.

By the way, let's get started with a few answers. In case you're wondering, here is what's going on in the scenarios posed above...

  • Reclaim the performance your computer had when it was new
  • Protect your computer from Viruses, Trojans, Spam, and Spyware
  • Lock down your wireless network, keep others out
  • Protect your identity online with Anonymous Surfing
  • Learn about backing up so you don't have to worry about losing your files, music or pictures again

You want to avoid disaster. Solve problems. This site is written to make answers plain to the average person, not the computer geek or Windows expert. If you are a geek and want more detail there are some links for that, or contribute to my blog and show off your knowledge. For everyone else I want to make it easy for you to find the information and tools you need to handle your computer issues..

Here are some other popular solutions you'll find:

  • Cut through the hype and get clear recommendations if you do need an upgrade or a new PC
  • Safeguard your data with File Encryption
  • Eliminate the confusion of Windows updates and Windows upgrades

And there's more. So much to do. Let's get started... 


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