Amazon Best Seller Rank and Organic Rank

How to Differentiate Between Amazon Best Seller Rank and Organic Rank?


It is highly imperative to appreciate that low Amazon seller rank does not technically implies that your product is ranking effectively in terms of particular search terms, when it comes to a high organic ranking and best seller ranking.

Keywords obviously determine your organic ranking .However; they dictate where exactly your brand visibility in the search engine results on Amazon or specific keyword. Your best seller rank will not affect your organic ranking at all just like your keywords will not directly influence your best sellers rank. Therefore, both best seller rank and keywords have absolutely different functions.

Let us look at it in another dimension. Relevant keywords applied in your product title in Amazon, the bullet points as well as the main listing are purposely to get high organic ranking on the Amazon marketplace. In order to achieve decent best seller rank, the major factor needed is sales.

Therefore, despite that both best seller rank and keywords functions are not the same, the two factors are somehow connected. More so, you will have to make sure there is visibility of your product in your search results via relevant keywords so as to make sales. These sales will definitely influence your Amazon seller rank.

Actually, it is possible to have top-selling product organically and at the same time not having the top best seller rank. The reason is that Amazon emphasizes more importance to product with relevant keywords more than the best seller rankings. This is the reason why it is very vital that you always search for your keywords with carefulness by adding only those that are super relevant ones to your listings. Ultimately, organic rankings are very vital when compare to your Amazon best seller ranks. By this, you can easily get more product views through using this approach.

Without any doubt, Amazon seller rank is the best if you want to estimate the frequency of your product sales instead of searching for its total popularity.

Three Different Ways By Which Sellers Can Use Amazon Best Sellers Rank Information

1. Easy Product Research For Beginners

This method is very useful to reveal successful products. If you are searching for product to sell on Amazon, ensure that such product is in demand and best seller rank is able to offer this information. Do not forget that when the rank is low, there will be more sales made. Try to create s short list of the products that has high viability as you check the best seller rank. In general, search for the product with a sales rank of 2000 or less.

2. Experienced Sellers are Preferred by Competitors

Individual Amazon seller should monitor the competitors. Amazon best seller rank can assist with this by bringing competitor monitoring. Check the product that are the same with your own and compare their BSR. If you find out that your competitors have better best seller rank than your own product, then you need to weak your product listing and keywords so as to enable invigorate your sales and majorly boost your best seller rank.

Remember that if you view the lists of the best seller, you will as well find some seasonal products based on the time of the year. For instance, Christmas decorations, paddling pools and many more which can skew your results.

3. Estimate the Sales By Using Best Seller Rank in Amazon

This is the major role of BSR and known as the most useful means of using data. Come to think of it! If you are able to predict the frequency of product sales on Amazon, this is the right time.

Assuming your product has the seller ranking rate of 1500. If you tot up your sales, you already aware that a BSR of 1500 is the same as 700 transactions monthly. Then, check your BSR history. From the previous month, your BSR was 2500 due to the sales drop. Let’s say you only made 500 sales, from history, your BSR at this time in previous year was 500 when you made 1600 sales.

Through data, you can easily work out that when your rank was:

  • 1500 with 700 sales
  • 2500 with 500 sales
  • 500 with 1600 sales

Then other products with best sellers rank in Amazon that are same as these figures are likely making sales in the same proportion.

Finally, make sure that you are a bit wary; the reason is that rankings can drop between categories. All these are just estimate. The fact that they are estimates, this valuable data can be use if you are looking for new products or want to track your competitors.

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