SEO audit is the best tool for organic traffic

SEO audit is the best tool for organic traffic


SEO audit is the activity of estimating the bond between the website and organic traffic. The discrete goal of SEO audit upgrades the ranking spot in the search engine optimization.

How frequently should you carry out the SEO audit?

Purchasing an SEO audit is necessary for your website because it ensures you if any issues arise on your website. Almost it is similar to the importance of an annual checkup to your doctor. Most of them suggest to managing the SEO audit on a yearly basis you can utilize the SEO audit when

  • Hundreds of contents are publishing in yearly
  • Your business is facing competition in huge numbers
  • Changing the code often on your website
  • Your Business nature needs the faster adaptability

Above all the Malaysia SEO audit it depends on the nature of the business, number of contents strategies, and website types

Is SEO audit are able to deliver?

Once you’re submitted the requirement of your site.seo audit service persons evaluate your site and create the SEO audit which showcases the problems of your site and finding the solution to solve the problems. Almost it takes 2 -4 weeks related to your website issues. Afterward, your mail id receives the report and action plan of your website. Then you pushed to the explanation of each component of your website.

SEO audit tools are categories into three categories

  • Free tools
  • Paid tools
  • Technical tools

Free tools 

Google search console 

Before beginning the process of SEO audit, the customer’s site was verified by the google search console and then the request is accessed

Chrome developer tools 

It is the best tool to identify the technical components which creates your website slow or interrupting the search engine from index pages.

Google analytics 

Google Analytics is the best tool for SEO audit operations. It is the important tools which data  stipulates the best suggestion for Malaysia SEO victory

Bing webmaster tools

The Google tool which would not be able to find, This tools will help you

Paid tools

SEM rush

It is used for searching keywords, the competitive analysis  and tracks the ranking


The main goal is keywords searching and competitive analysis

Technical tools 

Deep crawl tools

It is mainly for large websites for website crawling and analysis of log

Screaming frog 

This tools mainly operates from on-page SEO and technical SEO analysis


Eventually, these SEO tools are very expensive it will swallow your SEO budget easily. You should rinse your mind when you purchase the SEO audit

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