Video songs of all times that are still trending

Video songs of all times that are still trending


Songs can always give a new pinch to your day. You can instantly change your mood and spirit once you listen to music. Do you really stay updated with the latest or most popular or trendiest video songs? Well, the charm of staying updated about the latest video songs and enjoying their ideas, creativity and thrill is matchless.

Brace yourself with the trendiest and the latest video songs that would not just bring newness in your track list but also give you new window. You would find their charm, pleasure and idea exceptionally distinct. Moreover, you can also check out which are the all-time trendiest and loved video songs. Without any more talk, have a look at some of the video songs below:

Maroon 5 – Sugar

A person would not simply expect a music video loosely and simply based on the plot of a mid-2000s comedy such as Wedding Crashers, to be an extra-large hit, but it is exactly what happened with this Maroon 5’s Sugar. Maybe it is simply because both movie and music video had the same director, or because Maroon 5 it has been remained a household name in pop music for nearly twenty five years. Whatever is the reason the sugar of this sugary video song do slips in the throats cordial and people lovingit? Maybe the video song stemmed in the year 2014-15, it remains hit even today.

Sorry by Justin Bieber

Maybe Justin Bieber would be the second musical artist to ever attain a one billion-view video on YouTube, Sorry watt not at all it. Although it has turned out to be his most popular and loved YouTube video by far, with more than three billion and may more views to date, Sorry was just the twenty second video to reach the billion view mark. Ah, presently you can imagine the number is touching the zenith. However, this amazing music video quickly proved itself, and it turned out to be one of the quickest to reach the 2 billion mark and conveniently sailing into the three billion without any trouble. There is no chance that you haven’t watched and listened to this video song.

Wiz Khalifa: See you again FT. Charlie Puth

This Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s See You Again have been viewed and watched more than four billion times since its April twenty fifteen debut. Ti was released to aid promotion of the film, Furious 7 (of that Fast and the Furious franchise); it even served as a type of tribute to deceased super star of the series, Paul Walker. This film itself even acted as a tribute to him. Anyhow, the music video for song was temporarily the most watched video on YouTube between July tenth twenty seventeenth and Augusts forth that same year. The video stays alive and is relished in the present time too. People feel the connection with this video and hence the watchers are always increasing for this video song.

So, if you haven’t checked out these videos, then watch or download them from Vidmate app and enjoy the music beyond time.

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