best broadband near me

How to search for the best broadband in my area?


The network revolution began the neck-to-neck competition among service providers in India. The result – customers, now get to choose from an array of broadband providers. While you have many choices, it doesn’t help when it comes to choosing the best broadband near me.

So we have got the smart tips to help you find the fastest and best broadband available in your area.

  1. How much data will you be consuming?

Broadband plans are made to serve different data needs of the customers. You need to decide what kind of broadband user you are:

  1. Average user
  2. Moderate user
  3. Heavy user
  4. Family

Your data usage affects the data speed you’re getting. Most plans hugely cut back on internet speed once you exhaust your data bucket. So choose the plan that’ll suffice your data needs.

  1. Internet speed

How can you check the network speed of the service providers in your area? Well, we have got some tricks up our sleeves. There are platforms and video streaming sites using which you can know the average network speed in your area.

  • Ookla speed test
  • Youtubereport
  • Netflix HD streaming quality

While you can know about the Ookla speed test on their site, you can always check Youtube’s network report to check the network speed.

  1. Fixed/ wireless broadband connection

You know your monthly data needs, and you’ve found out the fastest network provider in your area. Now’s the time to choose between fixed or wireless internet. All service providers offer free wireless routers with their data plans. If you’ll be connecting more devices, you should opt for the wireless router.

  1. Free calling and other features

Many providers offer free landline or phone calling with their data plans. Some service providers offer other features as well. Airtel offers free 3 months Netflix and Prime annual subscription. Choose the plans that’ll give you more for your money.

  1. Decide on your data budget

Lastly, see which service providers offer data plans that suffice your requirements in your budget. If you can go for the plans that offer an extra benefit like free calling and free SMS and such. That way you’d be saving money and get more benefits for your expenses on broadband services.

Remember the service providers who offer data packages based on your location. So, specifically, see the plans for your area on your service provider’s website. Also, find out which major and local service providers are strongly active in your area. That way you’ll be guaranteed to get the best customer services.

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