What are the main benefits of PBN builds

What are the main benefits of PBN builds?


A private blog network (PBN) is a group of websites controlled through a single unit with an SEO-specific reason. A PBN build is the similar thing, however in the more  AASB 16 technical sense – a term used while speaking about the nuances of what make any individual website in the network tick.

Complete control over your network and the SEO it offers

If you’re a cautious SEO and prefer to have total control over every feature of your campaign, PBN seo certainly scratch that particular itch. You control your network from the very start, deciding what type of SEO you use to power THE NETWORK up with, which backlinks you place on it, eliminate backlinks that yield you negative outcome, etc. No other SEO technique such as guest posting, niche edits, etc – yield you the similar level of control as a PBN does.

No time or cash wasted on outreach

Putting aside the detail that you have restricted control over what a webmaster does with their website after they provide you a backlink – the quantity of time and effort spent scaling an efficient outreach campaign for even a sole website can be overwhelming. When you are going the private blog network route – you remove the requirement to trust on other webmasters, their schedules plus their timelines – to move your SEO onward at a pace and schedule that you want.

PBNs have so several great uses

While 4 out of 5 people use PBNs in a customary way that lacks any kind of creativity because they are satisfied with the outcome they get out of the work they put in – several people realize that PBNs are very flexible in how they could be used to create you traffic and leads. As a single instance, we’ve seen great achievement in using PBN networks to blanket big volumes of long-tail keywords in niche to generate trickles of traffic on each of the individual PBN websites – plus then placed suitable squeeze page/lead gen pop-overs toward turn the trickles of traffic multiplied through 50-100 websites into fairly a sizeable quantity of daily leads within the niche. From there, it is just scaling.

The problem with building private blog networks properly, meaning in a method which you can continue to use them for years plus years to come – are that the materials to build quality PBNs are not low-priced and often need a lot of actual TIME for investigate which cannot be cut down with software otherwise automation, making it even harder to scale.


Private Blog networks are an perfect white hat PBN seo policy for anyone who’s in search of a higher level of control in their general SEO campaign, or anybody who’s planning on taking over a niche with a long-standing strategy.

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