your company culture needs leaders more than managers

Why your company culture needs leaders more than managers


Though it may seem that both are very much similar-sounding, there are vast ethical differences when it comes to the role of a manager and the differentiation it maintains from that of the leader. People often look up to leaders and really avoid any inspiration from a manager. Both are the same and fancy titles but with a difference in approach with Smart Personal Lease.

The leader leads from the back. They are the ones who show the people of the company how the work has to be done and how the change can be good for the work-health. Managers basically maintain their current status and bring out the best from the situation at hand. But let us first have a look at the basic difference between both the roles.

Driving Company innovation: Leaders are already self-motivated. They keep pushing for the best from where they are standing, and they do it in a subtle manner. One of the most efficient ways of bringing out the best in the company’s work culture is not just by telling people what to do but also by setting the work-goal with example. A leader who is just falsely inspired but has really nothing to set as an example is very not so motivating.

Imagine if the leaders of bigger companies of the world had just relied on empty words, the we wouldn’t have the likes of big names like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. They are the ones who keep inspiring and motivating people even if they are not there and they motivate people who are not even associated to the company. The driving force of the company is always the innovation related approach of a leader.

Shaping the culture of the company: The culture of the company is solely dependent upon how the culture of the company is shaping up and pretty much that comes in the hand of the leader. They are the ones who are updating themselves all the time and they want the customers and the employees of the company should also get the maximum benefit of what is the latest in the market Smart Secondhand Car.

For instance, bringing in technology and AI into the employee Performance management system and automating the hiring skill makes it easier for the company to hire the best and the most talented candidates in the market. Due to this, the entire process becomes seamless and the applicants or candidates short-listed are also of same competitive stature. Infusing this inspiring culture into the work is a foresight that the leader of the company has, and he is able to motivate the existing and new employees to put their best foot forward.

Inspiring trust and customer engagement: Businesses where there are efficient leaders taking care of the business from the front, are the ones where the employees and the customers too place a blindfolded faith in the company and the system. A system where the leader often sits with the employees and understands their work methodologies, appreciating them and engaging with them at a higher level; employees feel more engaged and confident about the work that they are doing. This really impacts the profitability and the sales of the accompany and not to mention that the employee attrition rate is good too.

And the place where the employees are happy and confident, and the end-product is the best so far; customers place their confidence in them. There are places where leaders take it from the front and even engage with customers and try and understand the requirement of the market. Leaders really don’t take it beneath them to do the work even if it just means working just like a feedback form.

Knowing the “Why” of the matter: That is where the real difference between the manager and the leader comes into picture. A manager is a person who knows the process and also is the one who takes care of the process implementation. Fi the process is failing to give the necessary output, the “how” takes a backseat and the “why” jumps into the picture. For instance, if the current payroll software is not able to do more complex and complicated calculations and is bringing about hindrance in the expansion of business verticals; that is where the leader opens the eye and understands the importance of upgrading.

When the why of the problem is evident, then we know what needs to be done next and the change in process is expected at the next level. Inspiring change for the next level is what a leader does.

Bringing out the best: Undoubtedly, we have heard this lot many times where in an inspiring leader brings out only the best in his employees. Employees look up to the leader and they feel the sense of belonging and be a part of the larger picture. A place where employees feel undervalued, de-motivations creeps in, and they feel toxic at the workplace.

As the popular saying goes, “Employees don’t leave jobs, they leave toxic managers” stands true in this context and they need an inspiring leader who gives them the energy and the enthusiasm to look forward to the work daily. A very good leader brings out the best traits in the employee and the employee gives the best output to the company. The end result – your employees are happy, profits are increasing and so are the sales and the graph is having an upward climb.

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