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5 Reasons why Native Video Advertising Keeps Brands Engaged


Successful brand engagement keeps customers coming back for more, widens your profit margins, and tells your company story in all its glory.

Without it, you’ll likely have a much harder time bolstering visibility in a busy market, especially when you’re positioned against some formidable competition.

Much of your engagement rate is governed by your ability to advertise effectively, and one of the best techniques to help you do this is native video advertising.

Why exactly is it so effective at keeping brands engaged, and who is it that needs to get engaged with your company’s presence in the first place? Read on to find out more about the many wonders of native video advertising.

What is Native Advertising?

Native video advertising is the integration of branded ads into relevant existing content. Say, for example, you wanted to sell wedding dresses, inserting your message onto an existing website that sells a wedding planning service would be a good example of native digital advertising.

Alongside being contextually relevant, native video ads usually integrate seamlessly with the existing platform’s design, too. This way, they don’t stick out too much on the page.

Some common examples of this include the sponsored ads at the top of Google searches and sponsored Instagram posts.

It works on a supply and demand system, the supply side being the publishers, the ones with the platform and the audience, and the demand side being the brand that wants to spread its message.

Advertisers bid on space with a DSP (demand-side platform) using pre-arranged metrics, the DSP then connects with the SSP (supply-side platform), and the winning bidder gets their ad shown in the available space to a website’s visitor. This all happens behind the scenes when the visitor first enters the site, and it happens in a matter of milliseconds.

You may have heard this style of advertising referred to as programmatic advertising; native video ads are established by way of programmatic native advertising, an effective and reliable way of getting your message across without any hassle on either end of the process.

If you feel like you don’t know where to start, or you need to boost your existing efforts in digital advertising, it may be worth enlisting the help of some dependable native video advertising specialists to get the job done right the first time.

1. Native Video Advertising is Non-Intrusive

There’s no doubt about it – ads can be extremely annoying. If you’ve spent any time on the internet before, you’ll likely have been hit with some intrusive ads that seem jarring and only serve to derail your browsing experience, a far cry from an ad that can actually sell you something you need.

Native video advertising fits in seamlessly with the targeted platform, allowing your brand to slip neatly into the customer’s online experience, an experience that they will probably be engaged with already.

This is a fantastic way to keep your brand engaged with the online world without having to disrupt any of your customers along the way.

2. They Don’t ‘Feel’ Like Ads

When ads look like they’re desperately trying to push a message, they tend to become less desirable. Native video advertising tries to avoid this by appearing natural, meaning they don’t often ‘feel’ like traditional ads.

This can be a good way to get customers to properly engage with your brand, as they may be more inclined to click on a video in the first place.

3. Targeting the Right Customer

There is little to no point in trying to boost engagement levels with customers that aren’t in the market for your goods or are even interested in your niche to begin with.

Native video advertising can target your ideal audience with much greater ease than some other traditional methods, raising your ad’s accuracy and accessing your customer on their preferred platform.

4. Custom Content is More Engaging

Native video advertising that’s been designed with a specific customer and platform in mind is often highly engaging simply because your targeted customer will probably be more interested in its content.

Great brand engagement leaves a lasting impression, and what better way than to create that impression by giving your audience a dynamic ad to interact with on a comfortable platform that they’re already engaging with their favorite content on?

5. Visual Engagement is a Powerful Tool

Video ads are often naturally more engagement because they have more going on to begin with. As a highly visual medium, native video advertisements are more interesting than their standard static counterparts.

By drawing the viewer in, you’re taking them on a journey, showing them first-hand what your brand has to offer.

Mobile native advertising is also an especially effective way of keeping your brand engaged, as the click-through rate tends to be quite high.

The many benefits of native advertising are ready to be taken advantage of, so it’s well-worth factoring them into your next marketing campaign.

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