Most people consider IBM as the best computer company worldwide. It offers diverse products and services involving several industries. These include business and technology among others. IBM information technology services are for clients across the globe. About 10% of companies with their own servers use IBM hardware. It is the second most popular server type next to HP servers, used by around 24% of companies.

IBM has a superb reputation when it comes to performance, stability, and dependability. A lot of people loved its original AS400 server and many continue to support the current IBM iSeries. AS400 is more popular in high-tech industries. Some major companies also use this server across all industries. These include pharmacies, health care providers, and retail chains. Most people agree that AS400 is the most popular server among midmarket companies. More than 30% of organizations of all sizes are using it.

Enterprise cloud services have been replacing onsite ERP, making some people disregard AS400. Detractors of IBM portray AS400 as outdated and pricey. These criticisms do not stop major companies from using AS400. For some, it has grown and flourished with their business. There are great reasons why companies still use this server.

Performance and reliability

IBM AS400 is well-known for its high-performance level. Its CPUs are 3-5 times more powerful than its competitors. With massive hardware redundancy, the reliability of AS400 is bullet-proof. These are ideal for applications that need extra high performance and low downtime.

Plenty of options

Clients can choose from a good range of AS400 available options. Affordable entry-level systems are great for smaller companies. Larger enterprise users can choose high power, huge redundant servers. There are also scalable models available for data centers that keep on expanding. The IBM Series supports various operating systems. Some of these are IBMi, AIX, RedHat Enterprise Linux, and SUSE.

More valuable

The price per core of IBM Power Systems is more expensive than that of its competitors. Their cores may cost higher but they are also much more powerful, making it worth the price. The price savings gained by switching hardware is very small. Companies will spend more and there will be a great disruption of moving to another platform. Most companies find moving away from IBM Power Systems not worth the expense.

A complete solution

AS400 is a competitive option for the cloud era. The reason behind is this is the IBM iSeries cloud environment. Replacing unpredictable CapEx with steady OpEx charges companies for the needed resources only. IBM has both the hardware and skillset. It can provide a complete suite of enterprise cloud services. AS400 offers superb performance and ultra-high uptime. At the same time, it lowers costs, enhances flexibility, and simplifies internal IT.

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