Signs Your Computer Has a Virus

5 Signs Your Computer Has a Virus


Well, it was bound to happen someday.

Chalk it up to your unhealthy porn habit. Or maybe it was that sketchy link you clicked on the other day, the one that said: “Click Here to Redeem Your Free $1,000 Gift Card!” Should have known that one was too good to be true.

Either way, your computer is operating at a glacial pace, and it’s clearly displaying those tell-tale signs your computer has a virus. But what are some of the warning signs your computer has a virus? Let’s take a look at five of the most common.

1.Your Computer Slows Way Down

This is probably one of the most obvious signs of a computer virus.

If your computer has been infected with viruses and malware, it may experience a sudden decline in its operating speed. Of course, there may be other reasons for your computer’s slowdown, including a lack of RAM, or the fact that you might be running more apps and programs.

But if you can rule out these causes, it most likely means you’ve picked up some unwanted malware somewhere along your internet travels.

2. Unexpected Pop-Up Windows

Trust me, sudden and inexplicable pop-up windows are never a good thing.

Usually, a dialog box appears, presenting a warning that claims your computer has been infected by a virus or some other security threat. Then you’re prompted to click a link or call a number. Close these windows, and definitely do not click those links.

Then there are the pornographic pop-up ads. Depending on your temperament or predilections, these can be either welcome or unwelcome.

Regardless, they’re one of the more obvious signs to tell if your computer has a virus.

3. Strange Sounds

Believe it or not, infectious software can program your computer to emit random noises and audio signals.

Some malware might conceal warning and error messages, but phantom chimes might still be audible on your computer. If you hear these, it’s probably one of the signs your computer has a virus.

4. Slow Start-Up Times

If you notice your PC is taking a lot longer to start up than it used to, that might be a sign of a computer virus.

You see, malware and viruses divert and consume computer memory that should be used for other programs. This puts a drain on your computer, leading to slower-than-normal start-up times.

However, just like with a slow-running computer, there could be other reasons for this—such as, again, insufficient RAM, or too many programs active at start-up.

5. Excessive Crashing

It’s never pleasant when a computer crashes. Especially when you’re in the middle of something important, and your PC takes a sudden and very traumatizing dump.

If this happens often, it could be the malevolent signature of a nasty little piece of malware.

Recognize the Signs Your Computer Has a Virus

Once you start seeing the tell-tale signs your computer has a virus, it’s too late. But there are some good preventive steps you can take, including installing antivirus software, and ensuring your OS is regularly updated.

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