Smartphones, talking about smartphones Apple is not the only company or gadget brand in the world. In some ways or aspects, sometimes Apple is still defeated by Samsung, the percentage difference in its achievement is quite high. In addition, Apple only ranks second in world market share with the highest total sales, which was in the fourth quarter of 2017 with total sales of 77.2 million units. However, in the second quarter of 2017 Apple’s market share decreased by 2.8%, the decline in market share in the second quarter of 2017 also had an impact on Apple’s sales decline, which was only 44 million units, down from the previous quarter, namely the first quarter of 2017 with total sales of 52 million units. In the third quarter, Apple again experienced a decline in market share of 1.7% with total sales of 44 million units, although in the third quarter of 2017 Apple’s sales increased from the previous quarter of 1 million units, but when compared to the first quarter of 2017, the sales were still quite insufficient because the difference is 8 million units. Apple’s market share is still fluctuating, so this condition affects Apple’s sales.

Buy iPhone 12 Some data circulating on the internet states that the six manufacturers with the top selling smartphones in the world, four of which are companies from China. They are Huawei, OPPO, Vivo and Xiaomi. With these four vendors, nearly 33.5 percent of smartphones marketed worldwide in the second quarter of 2017 came from China, with total sales of 109 million units. This is not because the iPhone is less sophisticated or less sophisticated than these other brands, but because these other brands charge prices for the lower middle class, and their target is also the lower middle class. For Samsung they not only provide smartphones for the lower middle class, but also for the upper middle class. Because they issue various series as well as iPhone. The difference is, Samsung also provides smartphones with premium and lower class series. For the middle to lower class, in order to be able to reach it according to their needs and the availability of funds. Meanwhile, the iPhone is a luxury smart phone whose target market can only be reached by the middle to upper class. But for its advantages, the iPhone indeed plays a top role among gadgets or smartphones.

iPhone to date has not lost its market share. iPhone still has its own market and its own fans. From several surveys that have been conducted, not a few people still make their choice on the Apple smartphone, the iPhone series. This proves that apart from the price point of view, the iPhone is still strong enough to top the smartphone world in several countries in the world. The iPhone is undoubtedly, apart from the big name it has, the iPhone is still one of the most advanced smartphones that is here to build and modernize the world.

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