IMAGES - Elements that Determine Your SEO Ranking

Elements that Determine Your SEO Ranking


The position of a webpage in search engines’ organic search listings for a certain query is known as SEO ranking, or search engine optimization rating. More people are probably going to notice your page if it appears higher in search results. It implies that more individuals might visit your website.

Below are elements that determine your SEO ranking;


Academics created Google, according to backlinks. Publishing research papers more than rs is insufficient to succeed. You desire other academics to cite your work in papers that expand on your research. Your work gains credibility the more researchers take note of it. Better even if highly esteemed researchers—say, from a prestigious university such as Harvard—cite your study’s findings.

Search engines are subject to the same rules. A search engine will see your website as more credible if more other websites cite it—that is, link to it. Since backlinks or links from other websites have been a crucial component of Google’s algorithm for over twenty years, enhancing them has come to be known as “off-page SEO” in the industry.

There are various types of backlinks, and how one link influences your SEO rankings depends on it. For instance, social network links, sponsored material, and comment sections are not very important. However, links from bloggers, respected media outlets, and business leaders can significantly impact. While websites can acquire backlinks organically, most companies require a link-building plan to expand.

Site layout and design

Like a restaurant’s menu, other search engines and Google anticipate that your website will include sections. Once you understand how to read a menu, you can read it in a particular way, working your way up from dessert to appetizer. Similar in function are search engine crawlers, which are bots built to read and comprehend any page on the internet, including yours. They should be aware that product sites and blogs are not the same thing, nor should a website be dedicated to men’s undergarments and women’s sweaters.

A search engine crawling your website looks for internal linking structures that make sense of your site, as well as directories and subfolders like Your website requires more parts, and the more pages it has, the more it has.

Consider it to increase your internal link structure’s SEO Singapore ranking. Make sure that, based on your URLs, crawlers and users can quickly determine which part of your website they are on. Make certain internal links allow users to reach every section of your website. If your website features both women’s and men’s apparel, for instance, make sure it contains collection pages that feature every item of clothing you have for each gender. If needed, you may then build subsections for each gender. You may implement these best practices automatically using Shopify’s CMS.

Experience of the user

When people visit your website from the search engine results page, search engines consider how long they stay on it and whether they click their browser’s Back button to view other results. Returning to the SERP signifies that the searcher could not locate what they were seeking on your website, which is the main worry of the search engine.

Finally, optimizing your website for easy navigation is the best solution to this issue. Simple navigation, quick loading times, and responsive design create a satisfying user experience. So, reading and interacting with your website is simple, whether using a laptop or a smartphone. In contrast, many online recipe sites hide the recipe at the bottom of the page, making it difficult for consumers to locate what they’re looking for without having to scroll past endless advertisements and pointless information.

The article is authored by Mr. Jeremy Lee from Sotavento Medios Singapore, which is a leading digital marketing agency in Singapore

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