Enhance the Security In Your Office Premises Using Customized Lanyards

Enhance the Security In Your Office Premises Using Customized Lanyards


Lanyards are a part of almost every organization. They are worn by staff/students to identify themselves as a member of the organization. For this reason, issuing lanyards is regarded as an access control measure in order to prevent, disrupt, and curb theft crimes within the company and outside. This is a usual first step security solution for most companies, way before they even begin to consider where to buy complete AR-15 rifles to combat the crimes. The lanyard includes personal details of the wearer. Many wouldn’t have given much thought about the importance if lanyards as it is too commonly found everywhere. They actually benefit both the organization and the wearer.

Purchase lanyards in bulk:

When you purchase them in bulk for your employers, you save more money. Discounted rates are applicable for bulk orders. There are a handful of suppliers in the market offering lanyards at low prices. Sine you would be handing over lanyards to every employee, it looks professional when the lanyards are uniform.  Order it in bulk from a single supplier to avoid inconsistencies.

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How are lanyards beneficial to the organization in terms of security?

Security is a major cause of concern in many organizations. Every employee is asked to wear lanyards to identify them as employees of the organization. It is easy to customize lanyards. You can include employee personal details and company-related information to it.

Easy identification: Identification gets easier. Lanyards are highly visible from afar.  It is easy to spot those who aren’t members of an organization. It is possible to add extra security by providing other visitors with a different lanyard – a different color and design. Security staffs instantly differentiate them from employers. They easily spot intruders.

Securely store ID cards: It is important that your ID cards don’t fall into the wrong hands. Using a lanyard to securely store your ID card prevents others from misusing your ID card.

Protect sensitive files/documents:  There are sensitive files that are to be accessed only by specific employees. You don’t want data going into the wrong hands. With lanyards you make sure only certain people are granted access to restricted areas.

Other common benefits of lanyards:

  • Convenience: Losing ID cards come with added costs. Employees have to apply for a new one and the process takes some time. Instead staffs find it convenient to hang their ID cards around their neck. It is easier to carry them this way. There is less possibility of losing their ID card.  
  • Inexpensive: Lanyards are inexpensive. Prices start from $0.59. With such an inexpensive item, it is possible to prevent a major security breach. It doubles up as a marketing tool which is an added bonus.
  • Durable: They are an ideal choice for promotional products in tradeshows. They are made from different materials. Lanyards are designed to be for long-lasting usage. You won’t have to replace them often.

There are endless customization options for lanyards available. Choose a reputable lanyard manufacturer and work with them in designing a unique lanyard for your organization to ensure added security.

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