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How Parametric Design is Changing Architecture


Parametric designs are becoming a crucial part of architecture today. New and unique buildings designed with parametric building software are important landmarks for visitors in every city you visit. Parametric design is derived from geometry by manipulating standard elements and forms using computation to come up with complex architectural models.

Parametric design is being applied in almost every industry today, from engineering to software development. Keep reading as we take a closer look at the parametric design to demonstrate how it impacts architecture. We will also highlight the best apps to consider.

Parametric Design makes it Possible to Work with More Factors

Parametric designs are used to provide solutions for structural, material and visual issues in architecture. It helps designers to go beyond the laws of nature that for a long time were limiting their imagination. When you look at parametric designs, the most notable thing is that they do not follow the concepts of parametric symmetry.

Architects are able to introduce more factors and tweak their tools to solve any issue. Ultimately they create designs that deliver maximum efficiency and unique artistic touch. It is the best way to optimize your innovativeness and creativity in building design.

Makes it Easy for Architects to Manage Complexity

The computational aspect of applying parametric design is that it allows you to address complex issues in the process. Architects are able to factor in all their requirements to create models that appear more functional, appealing, and unique. For example, you can bring on board parameters such as site context, environmental factors, and material technology to come up with complex design.

What is more impressive is that parametric building design apps are evolving rather fast, allowing architects to work with more parameters. Now, you can even take the standard 3D models and change different parameters to give them a completely new look. No matter how complex the design of interest is, parametric applications might be the perfect way to get it right.

Makes Managing the Design and Building Process Very Effective

One unique attribute of parametric building design is its ability to simplify how we manage the design. You can complete the process faster, implying that key decisions can also be made rapidly for the project to move to the next phase. Many clients in building design are focused on the final product and less interested in the process. Parametric design allows you to deliver the results they want as fast as possible.

You also need to appreciate the flexibility of the design environment. With parametric building design software, making adjustments is also easy compared to using the standard apps. You can change one or several parameters to create multiple outcomes without going back to the drawing board. The changes also provide your client with multiple versions of the targeted designs. It has opened the design world to endless opportunities!

The Best Parametric Building Design Apps

Parametric building design is the ultimate way to go for architects, but first, you need to develop the right skills and get the best software for the job. One of the most preferred parametric design apps is FreeCAD. It is a general-purpose CAD application designed to provide architects with finite element support (FES). This feature makes it possible to change the geometric shapes into asymmetric models for your product. Although initially created for engineers, its parametric applications and features have made it the go-to app for other professionals, including building designers and film producers.

Other parametric design apps that you should consider are:

  • 3DS Max.
  • Revit.
  • SolidWorks.
  • CATIA.
  • Maya.
  • Grasshopper 3D.

The parametric design apps we have listed in this post are the best you can get on the market today. They stand out not just because of the advanced features but progressive improvements from developers. Autodesk and Siemens have particularly stood out for advancing parametric design. Remember that parametric building design requires advanced skills in architecture to create more functional and unique products.

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