How to achieve Google SEO in 2018

How to achieve Google SEO in 2018?


Google is the leading search engine in France. More than 90% of searches are done on the American engine. To figure among the first positions is therefore fundamental. So how to rank among the best results of Google in 2018?


Google’s SEO is to optimize a site from a technical point of view (site architecture and loading time in particular), semantics (quality and relevance of the content), and popularity (quality and quantity of links), in order to get the best positions on Google.


The answer is: nothing at all, it will be done alone . Google (but also other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, etc. However Google undeniably dominates the other search engines, that’s why we can talk about Google SEO to refer to SEO or SEO) is constantly exploring the web to identify the sites that have just been created. If there is only one link from a known site to yours, Google will follow this link and find your site. It will take this search engine between one and eight weeks to add your site to its index and search results.

If your site is still not indexed after this time, your site has a problem. You need to contact a professional SEO to ask for help if you can not find the source of the problem.

If you want to try to speed up this process, you can declare your site yourself by filling your free digital signature  out the Google registration form , but the most effective thing is to create links to your site, thanks to the inscriptions in the portals or to the exchanges of links .

In addition, Google has posted a tip page with the question ” How can I add my site to Google search results? “.


First you have to realize that you are not the only one to desire that! And since becoming first is to roll back all other sites in the rankings, start by making a good site, rich, interesting, aesthetic, etc.

First place Google search

Then you’ll need to understand how Google ranks your results and how to make your site fit the criteria for choosing that engine. Our chapter on Web Referencing tries to establish the essential rules to follow and to respect for this purpose.

You will need to read a lot, learn a lot, think a lot and work a lot. At the risk of disappointing you, and unless your site is positioned in a sector where you are the only one, you will need a minimum of 6 months of hard work to perform a good SEO and prà © gives 2 years to that this work has yielded all its fruits. Do not expect instant results with a magic wand! What’s more, nothing guarantees you that all this work will get your site into the top positions for the keywords that interest you.

To save time, the best solution is to outsource all or part of this considerable work. Each step of the realization of a site can be entrusted to an SEO agency seo:

  • General design and design
  • The choice of keywords
  • Writing
  • Technical realization
  • “Natural” referencing (improvement of the position of the site in the rankings of search results)
  • Paid SEO (display advertising in search engines (Google Adwords) or other sites to increase awareness of the site)
  • Promotion in the broad sense (by mail, on social networks etc.)

These services, provided they are of quality, can save you considerable time. The Adwords program ensures you, for example, to appear on the first page of Google search results (in the form of an advertisement) as long as your portfolio can finance this performance!
Once you stop your Adwords campaign, your site will no longer be visible in the Google search engine (if, of course, you do not have SEO).

Natural Referencing (also called “Organic Referencing”) and paid SEO are generally considered complementary.

SEO is a long-term job whose results are often sustainable. It’s only free if you work on it yourself but it takes a lot of patience and work.

The 4 main steps of a good SEO are:

  • The so-called semantic stage: this is the choice of keywords. It will be up to you to choose on which keywords you want to position your pages.
    Example: A baker will choose the keyword “baguette” for his page on bread sticks.
  • Content optimization: you need quality content for your site. The content of your page needs to revolve around your keyword, while appearing natural.
    Example: For the keyword “baguette”, a content such as “The bread bag made by our baker is very good.” Is good. By cons, a content of the type “baguette baguette baguette baguette baguette” is bad because it is not natural.
  • Technical optimization (or “on-site”): this is the most technical part of SEO, it is to optimize its site technically.
    Here are some technical optimization recommendations:
  • The internal mesh (links of a page of your site towards another page of your site)
  • Optimization of the code (the html, css and javascript codes must be clean)
  • Structural optimization (organization of the structure of your pages)
  • Etc.
  • Netliking is the popularity of your site. To put it simply, for Google, what he thinks of your site and what others think about your site is as important to him. That’s why he looks at the number of links from other sites to yours, which is synonymous with relevance to him.
    Example: If your competitor has double your links, Google may consider it more relevant than you. But in reality, it is a little more complex because the quality of the links counts enormously.

The table below will show you more in detail how SEO works:

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