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Proven Ways to Boost Instagram Engagement


Instagram is a top choice among startups and enterprises for ideal business growth. And why wouldn’t it be? For the longest time, Instagram was known to be the only visual-centric platform that encouraged innovation. So when businesses look for new ways to boost engagement and interaction with their followers, they hear the traditionally exhausted tried and tested methods. Well, times have changed, and keeping up with trends is important to stay relevant in the game, especially when it comes to profiling on Instagram.

To help your business boost engagement and generate better ROI, you should practice some of the most effective ways in the book.

  1. Be Consistent

Brands should be consistent with their approach if they want to attract new followers and double the engagement rate. Staying consistently active on your social media platforms is an effective way of driving traffic. Be consistent with your posting schedule. 1 to 2 posts a day is enough to keep your feed relevant and fresh. Along with that, you should also know the best time to post on particular social media platforms, in this case, Instagram.

For instance, Instagram’s algorithm keeps updating now and then, making it harder for influencers and brands to view up-to-date content. Keep up with Instagram’s changing algorithm and take note of the time when your followers are most active. Stay connected to the audience with AT&T’s new service and make sure you never miss out on a single opportunity.

Plan your content accordingly and pick relevant timings to share each post sticking to a gap of 4 to 5 hours in between. Learn and understand your following habits on the platform so you can schedule and plan content accordingly.

  1. Master the Art of Storytelling

As a brand, you have to make sure you’re selling more than just a product a service. Create experiences and connections. Instead of just pitching your marketing schemes to the customer, focus on capturing their attention through text, images, and videos.

Become a storyteller by sharing personal stories through video content, captions, and Instagram stories. When people relate to your content, they form a deeper connection with your brand, increasing the chances of lead conversion. Share user-generated content on your feed that reflects your brand directly. Also, incorporate longer captions for more authenticity. They’re powerful and grab the instant attention of the target audience. It gives your audience a reason to understand the human side of your business.

  1. Use Instagram Stickers

Make things fun with Instagram stories stickers. More than 500 million Instagram users use stories to share their day-to-day. Generating creative and interactive stories is more fun when you use Instagram story stickers. There are many different kinds of stickers Instagram has in store for you.

There’s the question sticker you can post to initiate conversations with your followers, the countdown sticker to count down the days to any upcoming event. Then there’s the poll sticker that allows you to understand your followers better and the quiz sticker to help you interact more with your followers and track the results.

Besides these popular stickers, you can also make your stories more interactive with the DM Me sticker, donation sticker, location sticker, hashtag sticker, mention sticker, GIF sticker, Emoji Slider sticker, music sticker, shopping sticker, food delivery sticker, and gift card sticker.

  1. Experiment With Different Content

Don’t be afraid to experiment. You’ll never know what works for your brand specifically if you don’t try. By experimenting with different forms of content, you have a strong shot at building a more effective strategy. Focus on trial and error with everything you try on Instagram.

Start with different types of content. Memes, infographics, 30-second videos, and quotes are a great way to spice up your feed and stories. Test different video formats by switching between Instagram Reels, IGTV, and Instagram stories. Think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to go all out with different Instagram Stories styles. Figure out if the audience likes behind-the-scenes content more than the professionally planned content you share.

With that said, keep a track of how your posts and stories are performing over time. Check Instagram insights and analytics to understand how your content and stories engage with the audience through comments, shares, likes, and engagement rates.

  1. Build a Consistently Aesthetic Instagram Feed

Instagram is known for being a visually-driven social media platform. People nowadays struggle to express themselves authentically. Instagram has greatly helped with this. Through the power of art, photography, and visual elements, it’s easier to know more about a person than they can say.

Likewise, if you want the audience to understand your brand and trust you, you must build a visually consistent feed. Your feed should reflect your brand’s style and identity. Whether your go-to editing style is using saturated candid shots with a hint of earthy tones, or low highlights, and high exposure, your feed should look visually aesthetic by following a certain theme, mood, style, feel or look.

  1. Select the Right Hashtags

Using generic hashtags is a big no in today’s competitive market. For instance, posting content using the hashtag #makeup or #sundaynight will not even let it see the light of day because of intense competition from millions. Instead, opt for niche-specific hashtags that connect with your followers.

Make a list of hashtags relevant to your post and make sure they’re all industry-specific so there is less competition and more exposure. Narrow down the list further by researching each hashtag and filtering them by their engagement and performance. If your content is similar to top-performing posts, you’ve done a great job finding the right hashtag.

Since Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags per post, focus on quality rather than quantity. You don’t need to fill up space with all 30 hashtags just because. Instead, use fewer hashtags to make your caption look more professional, neat, and targeted.

The best way to start with hashtags is by creating your own branded hashtag. Keep it short, sweet, and memorable. With time, you can also employ product-specific hashtags for new launches and announcements. Branded hashtags do a brilliant job in making your brand gain recognition. Not only do you build your own community, but you also drive traffic to your platform.

  1. Rely On Instagram Video Formats

Instagram has changed the way businesses connect with their audiences on the platform thanks to Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, and IGTV. Video marketing is an effective, concise, and fool-proof marketing technique that can never go old. Every video format on Instagram has its own set of strengths.

For instance, you can combine multiple videos into a single ad and share it on Instagram stories, or you can make a 3-minute video clip and upload it on IGTV to increase engagement and initiate conversations. Better yet, you can go live on Instagram and do a short Q & A about your next product launch or special announcements.

To Wrap It Up

While maintaining and growing your followers’ list and engagement rate on Instagram may sound daunting, it’s not impossible. The possibilities are endless for business profiles to flourish in today’s time. All you need is the right set of tools and resources!

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