Remote Contact Centres

Remote Contact Centres: The Future of Communications


The communications industry has been heavily disrupted in recent years, with many call centres shifting offshore to take advantage of lower costs overseas. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, this industry that was historically stubborn to change and had remained largely unchanged since more than 20 years ago was suddenly forced to adapt to keep up with the changing business landscape.

This no doubt resulted in many people having to learn new technologies and pick up new skills. The light at the end of the tunnel, however, is that after all the dust settled, remote contact centres have become prevalent and are likely to become a permanent fixture in the business landscape moving forward.

How Remote Contact Centres Are Shaking Things Up

How exactly are remote contact centres better than the traditional, on-site contact centre? There are two key aspects in which remote contact centres outclass on-site contact centres by a large margin: rental costs as well as talent acquisition and retention.

Rental Costs

With remote contact centres, you no longer need to worry about the costs of keeping large physical offices up and running. Instead, with all your agents based remotely, you’ll be able to reduce your operating costs by up to 30%. These significant cost savings on infrastructure and office space can help to improve your company’s operating margins or be reinvested into other areas of your business.

Talent Acquisition and Retention

Additionally, with remote call centres, distance will no longer be an issue for your employees. You’ll be able to hire talent from places that were traditionally too far from your physical contact centre. You’ll also be able to hire from a more diverse talent pool, including from groups such as stay-at-home mums and retirees who may not have had the capacity to commute to an on-site contact centre. Moreover, you’ll also be able to increase your talent retention rates as employee turnover due to long travelling times will be drastically reduced.

OpenScape Contact Centres: The Premier Option

When it comes to picking a provider of remote contact centre solutions, why settle for a mediocre one when you can have the best? EvotecHLS is Australia’s leading provider of remote contact centre solutions, and their flagship OpenScape Contact Centre is the industry leader in remote contact centres.

The OpenScape Contact Centre boasts a huge range of features, including single-site and multi-site configurations, built-in security, self-service optimization with Interactive Voice Response, Voice Portal options (with speech recognition and text-to-speech) and chatbot / AI partner integrations, and much more. In addition, you’ll also have a wide range of voice platform choices, as the OpenScape Contact Centre comes with Atos Unify OpenScape Business, Atos Unify OpenScape 4000 and Atos Unify OpenScape Voice interoperability.

If you are interested in getting an OpenScape contact centre for your company or business, or simply want to find out more about remote contact centres and the other services offered by EvotecHLS, visit their website today!

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