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Search Ads Vs Display Ads: What Are They and Which One Is the Best for You


Google lets you advertise your products and services on its SERP. The two major types of Ads on Google are Search and Display ads. It’s a difficult decision to make while choosing between search ads and display ads. Each of them has its own sets of pros and cons and each is perfect for a specific purpose.

It becomes equally crucial that enough time is spent on analysing each of the ads, if you choose the wrong ads campaign for your business, you might end up squandering a lot of resources and time. If you are confused about Google ads, you must reach out to Australian Internet Advertising

They are the experts of Google ads. AIA was the first company to be verified as a registered marketing partner of Google in Australia. They offer services to big and small businesses operating in Australia. They analyse your business and design your custom ad according to the needs of the Audience that you need to target.

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Defining Search Ads- 

The ads for which Google displays at the top of the search results are called search ads. These are the ads that are triggered by your search query as they carry relevant information for your keyword search. They can be distinguished as they carry an “ad” mark at the top left corner of their banner.

Benefits of Search Ads- 

1- Precision- these ads are very precise in their approach. You can select the set of keywords that trigger the appearance of your ads. Besides that, you can also add negative keywords to exclude a set of triggering words from displaying your ad in the search result.

2- Intent-based– since these ads are triggered on the application of specific keywords, they are intent specific.

You can add words like “why” or “how” to narrow down the intent of the prospective audience. Further, if you incorporate keywords like “urgent”, “fast”, etc. then you can easily target an audience that needs urgent help.

3- Budget-friendly– they generate high conversions for your ads. This gets you great ROI even if you are tight on budget.

4-Leads – these ads have a greater click-through rate and conversion rate when compared with the display ads because you can easily target that chunk of the audience which is willing to make a conversion.

Defining Display Ads- 

Google claims to have a network of 2 million websites in its display networks. These websites cover 90% of the internet. When you advertise on Google Display Network, you rent the space which Google has, all over the internet. You target the audience based on demographics, interests, hobbies, etc.

Benefits Of Display Ads- 

1- Brand image- these ads are great if you run a local business and you want to spread the awareness of your brand in the area of your operation. You can easily target a greater audience and push the idea of your brand into their mind. Customers never buy from a brand of which they have never heard of. Thus, it’s essential that you do the marketing.

Display ads are great for this purpose.

2- Dominate the mind of the audience- with constant and aggressive use of display ads, you can easily fit the idea of your brand into the psyche of the audience even before they consider buying a similar service. This way, if and when they require a similar service, your brand will be the first one to pop up.

They are also great for seasonal products, or some time-limited offers to go on.

3- Expansive customer base- by using affinity audiences or customer match, you can easily target the people who are similar to your already targeted audience on the basis of their interests.

Which One Is Perfect for You?

In an ideal scenario, you must use both types of campaigns simultaneously so as to garner the maximum benefit. But if you want to choose just one, you must analyse what do you want out of an ad campaign. If your brand awareness is low, if you want to remarket, or if you want to target an audience with a niche interest, then you must go for Display ads.

However, if you want high-quality leads, or you want to sell your services on a tight budget, then the search ads are a perfect match for you.


Both search and display ads have their own benefits and they are to be used with different intentions. Thus, analysing your requirement before landing at a conclusion is important.

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