Phone Scammer

What Will Tell You It’s A Phone Scammer?


If you’ve not been scammed before, you may not tell whether it’s a telemarketer or a scammer. But there are some telltale signs that you should be wary of. All you need to do is take time and listen to the caller. You need to hang up if they are not talking or are struggling with their English. Also, they could be a scammer if they try to rush through the conversation or don’t give you any time to speak your mind. But what exactly will tell you that the one calling is a scammer?

They Keep Calling

A phone scammer will keep calling and calling until they can get someone to fall for their scam when you don’t have a reverse phone lookup service. They don’t care if you’re busy. They will keep calling until they get through to you. So if you notice that the caller keeps calling after you’ve said no or hung up on them, this could be a sign that they are trying to get through your defenses.

They Don’t Know the Phone Number by Heart

If a scammer asks you for your phone number, likely, they don’t know it by heart. They’ll ask you to give it to them on paper or another method.

If they don’t know your name or other information, there’s no reason to trust them with anything more than the bare minimum–and that’s not much of an investment compared to the cost of losing money in fraud scams.

They Say they’re From A Bank Or Credit Card Company

Scammers will tell you they’re calling from the bank or Credit Card Company and want to verify your information. They may also tell you that there’s been a security breach on your account. This is usually not true, but scammers will use this to get you to hand over your details. Once they have your information, they’ll use it to steal from you. Scammers will tell you that there’s a warrant out for your arrest or that you owe back taxes. They may threaten to arrest you if you don’t pay immediately.

They Ask For Your Account Information or Banking Credentials

Scammers have a clever way of asking for your banking details. They may say it’s for a security check or to verify your identity. They’ll tell you they won’t use the information unless you ask them to. This is a lie; once they have your account details like +1 831 230 7282, they can access your funds and steal.

They Call Through an Unfamiliar Phone Number

They have some strange numbers to call you. They will try to explain that it’s an office number and that they have a system for this. They will try to explain how you can’t talk on the phone because the lines are busy or there’s bad reception (another lie). If you do get through, they may tell you that they can give you an address for payment and then hang up as soon as possible. Scammers use this method because if they’re ever caught, it’s easier to claim innocence by saying they didn’t solicit payment from anyone.

They Ask For Your PIN, Security Code Or Password/Pin.

Scammers will ask for your PIN, security code or password/pin. Beware of Fraud calls and Spammers who are out to fleece you. They’ll say this is to verify your identity and bank account. If someone calls you and asks for your bank account or credit card number, hang up.

If you receive a call from a bank or credit card company that asks for PINs or passwords, hang up immediately and call them back on the number provided by your financial institution.

Stop when you find yourself in a position where you’re almost giving in to scammers. Think about what they’re asking and why they’re asking it. If you don’t understand, ask them to explain. If you still don’t understand, hang up and call your bank/credit card company on their official number. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed if you fell for a scam; most people do at some point in their lives.

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