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Where To Find the Best Cyber Monday Laptop Deals


Cyber Monday is a relatively new term coined by marketers in the e-commerce space. While black Friday is dominated by retailers, Cyber Monday gives many online stores a chance to get in on the action – and you a chance to grab some discount tech!

Being prepared for Cyber Monday and having a good idea of where to find some great deals can help you secure something nice for yourself, or perhaps a loved one for Christmas.

In this post, we explore some of the best Cyber Monday laptop deals and where you can find them.

What is Cyber Monday?

Like many marketing-related traditions, Cyber Monday originated in America and found its way over to the UK. It is held on the Monday after Thanksgiving and lasts for 24hrs, during which time online sellers dramatically reduce their prices, particularly for technology items.

Sales during this 24 hour period are massive for the stores involved and Cyber Monday is quickly becoming one of the busiest days of the year for online shopping.

Where to find Cyber Monday deals:

Because the window of opportunity is small – just a mere 24hrs to secure what you’re after – it’s best to have a plan of action before the 29th arives. Discounted products also sell out rapidly, making it even more difficult to get a good deal. Here are some of the best websites to watch for Cyber Monday deals:


As the unquestioned king of e-commerce, it’s no surprise that Amazon is getting ready to offload some cheap goods on Cyber Monday. Amazon has already announced that they will be discounting 4K TVs and AirPods by 30%, and much more.


Currys has been a leader in the UK tech market for a while, and they are well-known for offering competitive deals on Cyber Mondays. Like Amazon, Currys also plan to slash the prices of their 4K TVs – whose will be cheaper I wonder? They also plan to drop some deals prior to Cyber Monday, so keep an eye out.


A great thing about Argos is that their range of gadgets and electronics goes far beyond TVs and computers. This means that you could pick up a coffee machine, remote control car or a new phone, all in the same place! Because they have such an extensive inventory of products, you could purchase some great Christmas presents for your family during Cyber Monday at Argos.


This company is extremely popular with online shoppers in the UK, and is set to be even more popular on the coming Monday. Very plan to announce discounts on a range of their products, not just gadgets. So you might be lucky enough to pick up some clothes, cosmetics or even an Xbox.


Phone providers are also joining in, and big brands like O2 are offering a range of discounts this Cyber Monday. Phones, laptops, tablets and sims are all anticipated to see reductions in their prices.

If you’re looking for places that buy laptops and other unwanted tech so that you can make some quick money and do some Cyber Monday shopping, reach out to us and we can make you an offer.

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