reasons to sell your MacBook

Top 10 reasons to sell your MacBook


There are many different explanations for people selling their MacBooks, whether it’s due to damage or because they simply want an upgrade.

These devices don’t last forever, and with new releases hitting the shelves annually, there’s plenty of reasons to sell your MacBook

In this article, we explore those reasons, discussing the main reasons people sell their MacBooks, and how to tell if you’re due an upgrade before it’s too late!

Device has slowed down significantly

This is one of the major signs that your MacBook is due to be replaced. Old laptops that have very little spare memory become significantly slower than they used to be. New software upgrades also require new hardware to run effectively, so when old MacBooks receive the latest upgrades, they can become slow. Installing a new hard drive is one solution, as this can extend the life of your device by a few years. Typically though, if your MacBook is unusably slow, you should probably sell it and buy a replacement.

Battery won’t hold a charge

This is another typical sign of age, as batteries are usually the first components to go in laptops. When trading in a laptop with Apple, they ask ‘does your MacBook hold a charge?’, because the answer to this question tells them a lot about the computer’s age and condition. If your MacBook’s battery depletes rapidly, then prepare yourself for the entire system to go kaput – or sell it before it does!

Unusual or loud noises

Loud or peculiar noises coming from the inside of your MacBook is an easy way to spot if something isn’t right. If your fan is unusually loud or you hear other grinding-type noises coming from the system, this is a sure sign that your laptop needs some of its components replaced or it may be time to sell. Selling your laptop before it breaks entirely is a good way to recoup some of the money you originally spent on it.

Software/hardware glitches

Sometimes with old MacBooks, or any laptops for that matter, the trackpad or keyboard may stop working for no apparent reason. This may be due to dust build up inside the device, or another less obvious reason, in which case a repair shop may be able to restore the system’s functionality. Likewise, software glitches may occur and certain apps may not run like they used to. If a system reboot doesn’t solve this problem, have your laptop checked out by a technician, if they cannot help you, it may be time to sell.


Even new laptops get hot when overworked, but this is more common in ageing systems. If there is a problem with your fan, this can cause overheating and lead to a range of subsequent problems. Try taking your device to a laptop repair shop first, and if they can’t fix it for a reasonable price, you might want to consider selling and buying a new laptop.

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