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How To Get A Clean PC

Virus Scan & Repair, FREE

Is your PC infected NOW? Don't know for sure and want to find out? Here are some FREE ways to scan AND fix your PC.

TIP: If your computer is so fouled up it barely even boots up, you can boot into windows safe mode with Network support and use an online scanner. What I have found though is that in safe mode you may not have enough screen resolution - everything is too big - and some of the online scanning websites can be hard or even impossible to read and negotiate then.

Laptop Computer With Soap and Cloth for a Clean PC

Let's look at some options for full system cleaning

This is where you want to start if you KNOW your PC is infected.
  • Trend Micro Housecall (Bottom left of page) - Online scanner, will clean pc also (Firefox and other alternative browsers are supported) There have been cases where I cannot get Housecall to work for one reason or another. When that happens:

    • Use another browser. If you're using Internet Explorer, try Firefox, or vice versa.
    • Try Safe Mode w/ network support as mentioned above.
    • Use Sysclean, mentioned below.
  • Avast! Virus Cleaner - Free download, limited virus cleaner.

  • Panda Activescan - Online Scanner, Will clean viruses, worms, and Trojans. Offers deeper cleaning for $$.

  • Trend Micro Sysclean - This is an offline virus scanner. There are instructions to use, (free download), complete virus cleaner.

Try one of these first. The value in any other Free scanner that doesn't clean for free can be identification of the problem; then google the problem for a solution you can implement on your own - many times for free.

How about other malware?

One of the tools that I have gotten the best results from over the years is Lavasoftusa's AdAware. The Free Personal Edition will do basic scanning and cleaning. (They sell other versions that provide real time protection.) No scanner is 100%. Period. Typically it's best to combine 2 or more scanners. SpyBot Search & Destroy is very popular also.

I find that the best defense against malware is your own surfing habits!

Check out my "user behavior" page to see what I'm talking about here.

There's nothing COOL about CoolWebSearch

US - PC-cillin Internet Security 2007

So get rid of it now! Download the Free CWShredder. If you don't have a clean PC now, why wait? Get it fixed pronto using one of the above FREE cleaning tools.

But be sure and implement a full time antivirus and security solution. My clients have found Trend Micro PC-Cillin to be the best of the bunch. One license is good for 3 PC's. It isn't as big of performance hog as a Norton or as invasive as a McAfee. Has more features than the free offerings.

PC all clean? Now what?

You should head over to my computer security section now and keep those problems away!

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